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Water Drops

How do atmospheric Water Generators work?

The machine condenses the water from the air after passing air through an electrostaticc filter cleaning the air , then it runs it through a sophisticated system of four carbon filters, one sediment filter, one mineral filter, one faucet filter, one re- verse-osmosis filter and four UV lights to kill or trap any germs, dust, pollen or air pollutants in the storage tanks.  
A patented re flux technology which incorporates UV lights in each tank to ensure that stored water does not sit for long in any one tank. This helps the water remain fresh, clean and impedes secondary pollution during storage. 
When connected to an exterior water supply the machine will purify the water  with the same  quality as when generating water from the air at the higher humidity levels. 

See it for yourself

Watch water being captured

Bottled water, from water captured

Self Contained and Secure

  • How much water can be produced?
    The amount of water produced is dependent on what size of machine you have and what the humidity levels are at the time. For commercial purposes, or disaster relief, we can work with you to design a configuration that would best suit your needs. In the home: The Konia residential units produce between 5 gallons to 10 gallons of pure water per day @ 35 % RH @ 70 F or 21C.
  • How large of a system can be supplied?
    Commercial solutions can be designed to ensure the capacity your project requires. Our team will help provide the customized solution to meet your needs. Residential Utility systems can be designed and built with needs of 1,000,000 gallons per day or more. Also available customized mobile trailers that will produce 250 to 1000 gallons per day that can be used for drinking water in areas hit by disaster such as hurricanes, tornadoes, earthquakes, floods, etc., or towns and villages that simply don’t have a potable source of safe drinking water. The flexibility of the Konia products is only limited by the needs of the customer.
  • What humidity levels do they need to work?
    These AWG units will produce water when the relative humidity (RH) is above 30% @ 70F or 21C. They can produce water at lower RH levels but the cost to produce the same amount of water increases as the unit is required to run for a longer period of time. During a low RH period, the unit can be switched to run off your tap water – providing the same pure filtrated water through the unit.
  • How pure is the water?
    The water produced comes from the cleanest water source known to mankind. We tap the world’s purest water source which is also the world’s most renewable source. It comes from nature’s water filtration system; the sun and the ocean. We call it humidity in the air which is pure water. No need for chemicals to keep the water free of bacteria and virus as our patented filtration system eliminates those naturally with UV light, Ultra Filtration and natural Ozone. Once you have tasted this water you will never go back to tap or bottled water again.
  • Can the units produce hot and cold water?
    Yes, the units produce pure hot and cold water. For residential units we include child safety locks on the hot water production.
  • Do they work in cold climates?
    Yes, they will work in cold climates. The Konia Units are a split system, which means you can place the AWG in a remote location in the building such a heated garage, basement, or utility room and the dispenser can be placed in the kitchen. In colder climates, the indoor humidity levels may be low for a period of time but the unit can still supply high quality filtered water when it is switched to run from the local tap water.
  • Why have we never seen the Konia in Canada and only limited in the US?
    In the past, these units were produced for areas around the world that have low water availability, and the manufactures had concentrated on these regions of the world. So the manufacturers of these products had never certified the products for use in North America. Now with water quality and water shortage issues in North America, and the high costs of bottled water, Konia has taken the first step of supplying the technology of pure water water from the air to North America.
  • What does it cost to make the water?
    The unit produces water for pennies per gallon – as little as $0.09 per gallon or $0.025 per litre (depending on the electricity cost in your area). Compared to bottled water at $1.65/litre or $6.10/gallon, the savings can be substantial.
  • Can contaminants pass from the air to the water?
    The filtration system and the UV systems will catch everything from the air . This fine filtration system, coupled with Konia’s patented Bio-Control, assures a constant and safe supply of pure, fresh, filtered water with hot and cold on demand.
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