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Blue Water

Sustainable solutions starts with the right products

At Clean Wave Products, we are committed to providing sustainable solutions for your water needs. Our water filtration systems and atmospheric water generators provide on-location clean drinking water, without leaving environmental damage.


We offer a wide range of sustainable products and solutions to help enhance lives and bring life-enhancing solutions to various parts of the world. 

We specialize in stand-alone, fully customizable, water + power solutions

We have designed solutions to help individuals benefit from our natural resources without leaving an impact on the earth.


From atmospheric water filtration systems to alternative power solutions, we have everything you need to support communities in recovery, all of which are independent, self-contained and environmentally friendly.

sea cans with Clean wave on them
truck receiveing a sea can
We provide relief solutions for areas affected by disasters

We provide on-demand, as-needed,  completely independent and stand-alone system Portable Solar and wind packages ready & and optionally available.

Our disaster relief solutions are designed to be easily transported using rail, water, air or land.

Sustainable and innovative solutions

Atmospheric Water Generators

With so much of the world, in need of access to fresh drinking water, our solution removes water readily available in the air and converts it, through a multi-stage process, into available drinking water which can be stored as well. (see Bladder tanks)

We can configure units as a customized solution to your needs and when we are done, there is no waste, no harm and all of our equipment can be easily transported away. Atmospheric water generators become more effective as relative humidity and air temperature increase.

Our solutions are environmentally friendly versus the impacts of desalination which are energy intensive and result in highly concentrated brine that will need to be disposed of.

Specialzed Bladder Water Storage Tanks

Bladder Tanks for 20- and 40-Foot Shipping Containers

Above ground bladders


Shipping containers and our bladder tanks equals a great storage tank. Containment can turn your

standards ISO shipping containers into a water storage vessel

Our Potable Water Bladders are designed for drinking water storage operations that require storage of potable or drinking water in remote locations, emergency situations. and exploration projects.


Tanks available up to 210,000 US gal

Flexible water storage tanks utilizing NSF-61, CE and Mil-Spec Certified fabric

Bladder container is connectable to CWAWG2000 container

Portable Power options: Solar + Wind

We are proud to offer on-demand, on-location Portable Solar/Wind/ Battery Systems fully enclosed in transportable containers.

Up to 60 Kw 720 KWhr AES retractable solar racking system is a compelling alternative to today's traditional solar mounting products and a powerful solution for permanent or temporary solar energy applications.


  • Simple, ultra-rapid activation

  • Enables deployments of variable duration

  • Easily relocated and redeployed quickly

  • Distributed through System Integrators Can be closed in case of hurricanes, fire, or for safety

  • The power container is connectable to the CWAWG2000 container

Please visit our Technical + News page to learn more about our solutions and see how we can help provide optimal solutions for your location.
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